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    來源:征帆網絡  作者:長沙網站建設  日期:2012-3-19



        蘇瑞爾國際是專業從事國際貿易進出口的公司。總部位于亞洲最繁華的國際金融中心之一、國際貿易自由城市--香港,在深圳、長沙均設有辦事處。在越南、蒙古利亞等地設有代理商。  主要服務于國外大型建筑公司、酒店、房地產公司等與交通設施相關行業。 主要產品系列有:停車場設施、道路設施、城市建設、美化設施等。


        近年來,蘇瑞爾國際獲得了世界各地客戶的好評。這些成就完全依賴于客戶們的大力支持和本公司出色的銷售隊伍。 我們將貫徹以往專業精神,為新老客戶提供優質的產品、完善的服務。確保維持長期、友好的合作關系。

        我們的宗旨是:認真做好每一件事,腳踏實地,避免國際貿易過程中客戶各種顧慮。 以向客戶提供最合理的產品,創造長期潛在價值為目標。視質量和服務為靈魂。客戶的認可就是我們最大的成功。同時,歡迎提出寶貴意見和建議。

        SURELL INTERNATIONAL is a professional import and export corporation .Our head office locates in HONGKONG which is one of the most prosperous international financial center in Asia and a city free of international business. We also set the subordinate office in Shenzhen , Changsha, agent office in Vietnam ,Mongolia and etc. We mainly provide service for big construction companies, hotels,real estate companies in different countries which are related to traffic equipment. Our main products are :parking equipment, roadsafety equipment,city's construction and beautification equipment and etc.

        SURELL INTERNATIONAL has cooperated with top professional traffic manufacturers in domestic , which are playing an important role in traffic/roadsafety filed .We are providing good quality products and perfect service. Our products were exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America,South Africa ,Australia and other scores of foreign countries . Our products are deeply trusted users .

        In the past years , SURELL INTERNATIONAL  access to customers all over the world.
    These achievements are totally depend on the strong support of our customers and our excellent sales team. We will continue to expand their business by providing good quality products and perfect service . Be sure to keep long term business relationship friendly.

        Our tenet is : Try to do well in every inquiry,sample,order. Do something to avoid customer's all kinds of worry during international business .Our goal is to provide most reasonable products, build long term potential value for all the customers . Our soul is quality and service .Our biggest success is customer's satisfaction .At the same time, Your  comments and suggestions will be appreciated .


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